Construction and regeneration of rolls for pipes and sections.


FB Rolls s.r.l. was founded at the end of 2015 from the need of a generational handover of Torneria F.B. di Bignami Giorgio s.a.s. The company operating from 1979 in the field of mechanical works on customer’s drawings and specialized in the area of equipments for rollforming lines passes the baton to FB Rolls.

Perhaps this is a new, young company that maintains a strong connection with the previous business by relying on the very same team and the same manufacturing structure.

Although it is a new reality, FB Rolls proves able to carry on with the activities engaged by the previous management. It continues to be a reference point alongside the territory, not only for the regeneration and construction of rolls for tubes, but also of rolls and equipments for special open and closed sections, as well as of rolls and equipments for the manufacturing of rims for the automotive industry.

Moreover, FB Rolls offers a project analysis of equipments for tube mills and rollforming of open, closed and special sections by finite element analysis (FEA). This method enables us to obtain the best control of any detail, and the customer to reduce setup costs and time during the realisation of the final product. For equipments designed by FB Rolls, customer support in the post-sales stage and fist run assistance is provided, as well as warranty against manufacturing defects.

FB Rolls focuses every choice and action on customer satisfaction. For this reason, its pays a particular attention to its staff knowledge update, to the continuous renewal of machinery and measuring instruments and to the search of new machineries through new investments. All this effort aims to a continuous improvement, to grant the maximum performance of all its resources.

In the same way, every single aspect of production is taken care in all the details: from the choice of raw materials, to the adoption of the most modern CAD-CAM solutions and to the rigorous quality checks for heat treatments and other outsourced processes.

Competition of FB Rolls is now crossing the national boundaries and is extending to the foreign market with satisfactory results. The steady participation to the biennial Tube exhibition in Düsseldorf represents an important showcase for operators coming from all part of the world.