Construction and regeneration of rolls for pipes and sections.



FB Rolls performs any activity with the highest attention and care: in fact, the evaluation and redaction of the offer is as much important as the manufacturing and delivery of the product to customer.

The company invests in its human resources professionalism by the constant update of its knowledge. It also makes available the necessary economic resources for the maintenance and expansion of its machinery inventory, to offer to its customer the wider range of manufacturing and products.

Its main purpose is the satisfaction of any customer’s need, offering a quality product at a competitive price.

FB Rolls has a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified system of quality to ensure the complete traceability of its product. For this aim, each part of manufacturing is controlled step by step: starting from the purchase of raw material, passing through the real manufacturing operations (the core of its activity), the possible outsourced processes, and ending with the realisation of the finite product.

For the potential outer operations (e.g. heat treatment), FB Rolls relies on specialised and/or certified companies that can keep the high quality standard of the product.

During the whole process, inside and outside operations are fulfilled under rigorous quality checks.

Before delivery, the product is submitted to dimensional checks performed only by highly qualified personnel by means of high precision measuring instruments.

Moving, packaging loading and unloading operations are carried out with the same care and attention, to ensure products against damages up to the last step of the production chain.

FB Rolls also offers a ready and reliable service of delivery of the product. To guarantee a sure and fast execution, it entrusts groupage and dedicated transports only to professional logistics companies.