Construction and regeneration of rolls for pipes and sections.



FB Rolls’ skills are not restricted to the regeneration of existing equipments and to the construction of sets of rolls on customer’s drawing from the beginning. Thanks to its inside technical department, they also extend to the feasibility study of equipments for tube mills and machineries for the production of open, closed and special sections.

Such service enables FB Rolls to be a cut above its competitors and to give substance to projects and ideas. Therefore all final customers can be satisfied, even those who can’t perform the design process on their own.

FB Rolls invests money and time in looking for an always more advanced know-how and in the best technologies available on market to reach this aim.

Thanks to these peculiarities, FB Rolls can design new equipments, optimize the existing ones and offer consultation on the sheet forming processes, on the choice of the most appropriate construction material according to the various applications and on raw material characteristics in order to obtain a quality finite product.

As far as the production and regeneration of rolls on customer’s drawing, any design step is checked in all its details too: a highly qualified and constantly updated personnel examines and carefully registers data of the machinery to equip (if they are not provided by client) directly at customer’s plant. Before shaping, each design is verified by forming process simulation with finite element analysis (FEA). This stage is very important since it enables to optimize the project in all its details, reducing setup costs during the realisation of the final product.

Fist run assistance

FB Rolls also offers a first run assistance service for the equipments it designs. This is a further guarantee of the positive functionality of the product it supplies, as well as of the attention it pays to its customer’s expectations. Thanks to its skills, it really supports clients in finding a solution to possible problems which could erase during the first run of the new tooling.


All products designed and manufactured by FB Rolls are covered by a warranty against manufacturing defects.